The Holmgang

$10 per session


  • ~ Closed-toed shoes must be worn while throwing.
  • ~ Always take direction from the axe coach.
  • ~ We reserve the right to refuse a person to throw.
  • ~ Never touch the sharpened area of the axe-head.
  • ~ Be respectful.
The Axe Range is operated on a first come first serve basis, and we follow the NATF Throwing Standards. Link at bottom of page.

Hover over or Click the Axes to view how the game is scored!


This is the clutch! Go for this in your time of need! The clutch is worth 7 points, and can ONLY be thrown at on your 5th throw. The kicker is, you have to call it! But, call it and miss, you get a big fat 0 points! Good luck!

The Lonely One

One point! Well, at least your scored something! Don't worry though, you'll be at the bulls-eye in no time!

3 Pointer

Three points only? Yep! The inner ring is worth 3 points when you hit here with your axe. Not that bad!


BULLS-EYE!The bulls-eye is worth 5 points. This is where you want to be!
Loki's Gambit

Don't bust! Be the first to 21 within 10 throws but, go 1 point over and you bust!

The Duel

Settle your differences with a fierce duel! Throw head to head against your mortal enemy, or a friend you just want to embarrass.

Free Throw

Need to get some practice in before your duel or gambit? Free Throw is where it's at.

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