Designated Comedy Room

A show you don't want to miss! Designated Comedy Room is coming to Meduseld Meadery October 6th 2018!

Seating is limited, so you'll want to get your tickets today!

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Enjoy the Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is a Madeira barrel aged traditional wildflower mead. Solstice was drawn from two different Madeira barrels as part of a Solera. A portion is drawn from both barrels every Solstice for consumption. Each barrel has different characteristics which will be fun to explore as we continue to add, age, and bottle every Solstice.

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Blossom & Berry
Blossom & Berry

This semi-sweet mead is made with the nectar of the flowering blueberry bush, and huge plump New Jersey blueberries. We aged it in Pinot Noir barrels until we got just the right amount of vanilins and earthy red character from them. The result? A beautiful sipping experience that tastes of the nectar and the to be savored. This is a nice counterpunch when served alongside some pungent Chevre.

Crimson Throne
Crimson Throne

This semi-sweet mead is crafted with orange blossom honey. It is then infused with luscious Egyptian Hibiscus Flowers, Hibiscus Tea, and dry hopped with Sorachi Ace hops. The hops reinforce the herbal quality of the hibiscus, and impart a subtle lemon note to the mead. The tart fruitiness of this mead pairs well with fatty meats, blue cheese, and conspiracies.

Traditional Batch No. 1

A delicious semi-sweet mead made with raw Pennsylvania Wildflower Honey. This will pair with almost any meal, but particularly well with poultry, pork, or fish dishes.

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